Our Story

The Old Well House

Every life has a story. A collection of life stories becomes a community book filled with the comings and goings of people, once strangers, who become neighbors and friends. No one is unimportant.

Stoneleigh Farms has its story. This land faithfully stands watch over a stretch of the Alexandria Turnpike outside the village of New Baltimore better known to commuters as US 29. The land witnessed the sounds of wagons rolling down the road to Beverley's and Gray's mills to grind grain for both family and beast, the sounds of children at work and play, and the comings and goings of people having business at the county seat down the road in Warrenton. Armies of the North and South both traveled the road, waited, and rested on the land. Federal payrolls stolen along the road disappeared until a farmer's plough at Snowhill unearthed a portion of the gold coins in 1871.

HorsecountryToday, the sounds of children at play can still be heard, people on the way to the Courthouse, shopping malls, and all the music lessons and soccer games in between. The Beverley and Gray families and mills are long gone. All that remain are skeletons of stone and roads that bear their names and the Sanders family, developers of the land, still holds the rights to antiquities and treasures yet to be found there.

Strange as it may sound, all these years we have been Lady Honey Bee Foragingwaiting for you. Accept our invitation to shop our retailers where we are proud to present our Stoneleigh Reserve, a raw, all natural, local honey and our all natural, anti-bacterial, Lavender Honey Soap. We hope you become acquainted with the equally fine products from our agricultural partners and perhaps, together, we could become a part of your story while here in Fauquier County.